There are two two people behind ‘Jan Barba’ : Marta Grzebisz and Bartosz Puzio. We have occasional support from our family and friends.

Our brand is our way to shape a fragment of the world in which we want to live ourselves - with concern for other people and ecology.

Since 2016, we have been creating a small workshop, from the beginning we assumed that we want to be a family-owned, niche company, drawing from the best artisan traditions.

We want to remain a niche manufacture, close to our customers, building relationships with people, listening and understanding their needs. Our work is our passion, which is why we want to keep in touch with our customers.

We call our cosmetics "raw" - raw, for a reason. They have colours, consistencies and smells resulting only from the used ingredients. Therefore, they can differ significantly from the standard products available on the market. Some of our products can be intensely herbal, others slightly oily, with a very thick consistency or expressive colours. Thus we have assured that each of our cosmetics is accurately described. However, features like smell or texture are not easy to describe due to its subjectivity.

Our cosmetics can also differ significantly from other ‘natural’ cosmetics that you may come across as there are very few legal regulations that would prohibit the use of this word ‘natural’, even for cosmetics containing harmful synthetic substances.

We use our original recipes. We create our products in our laboratory about 30 km outside of Warsaw. Thus, Jan Barba has two locations: our laboratory and, from the 5th of December 2018, our own boutique at 25 Kopernika Street, in Warsaw.

The  range of our products is deliberately narrow, which means that you will not find cosmetics with different fragrance variants. Our cosmetics will not change every season. We create cosmetics that are complete, with specific effects, and that encourage you to use less, as well as to combine them as needed.

Our dream is that in 100 years our cosmetics should be just as current, which is why (among other things) we care about the environment as best as we can and we want to support other people in these activities (e.g. by the possibility of buying cosmetics using your own packaging).

We are in favour of a holistic approach to the human body and care. Cosmetics are really the last step and a complement to conscious care. Cosmetics are behind such issues as: nutrition, sleep, stress management or correct body posture. We are aware of the marketing crusade that the large cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies have been bombarding us with for years. We feel responsible to break the trend and explain our point of view. Let's start with the fact that cosmetics will not fix our daily mistakes in the above-mentioned issues.