Less Waste


At the moment, it is a stationary project available only in Warsaw, addressed to people who lead a lifestyle accordingly with the zero waste philosophy and to those who want to buy an unusual amount of cosmetics and which we do not offer, e.g. for a sample or for a trip.

Each order will be treated as a special order, tailored to the specific needs of the buyer.

How does it work?

You can buy our cosmetics using your own packaging in our boutique in Warsaw. You can check the current availability of zero waste cosmetics by contacting us: hello@janbarba.com, or via Facebook / Instagram.

The availability of our cosmetics may vary, as the zero waste format of our cosmetics are additionally calculated within a batch produced, so please do consider that.

If you are not in Warsaw: you can place an order and send us your packaging, contact us at: hello@janbarba.com, we will determine the details.

In this case, we add the cost of shipping to the ordered cosmetics, as in the case of a regular order.

* we only accept glass and clean packaging

Price list

Herbal Tonic (10 ml) - 0.9 EUR

Eyes and Lips Serum (5 ml) - 9 EUR

Anti – UVA Serum / B (10 ml) - 7 EUR 

Gel (5 ml) - 1.5 EUR

Bioelixir R (5 ml) - 4.3 EUR

Bioelixir M (5 ml) - 3.5 EUR

Bioelixir A (5 ml) - 5 EUR

B Cream (5 ml) - 1.5 EUR

Enzyme Peeling (10 ml) - 2.1 EUR

Facial Cleansing Gel (10 ml) - 1.6 EUR

Return of the Packaging:

We like our dark purple glass packaging indeed!

We agree that "they are too nice to be thrown away".

We are socially responsible.


The received packaging is cleaned and reused.

You can send Jan Barba cosmetics packaging * to us, bring it to us at a cosmetic fair, or to our boutique in Warsaw. They should be pre-cleaned - rinsed.

In return we can offer you, with your next purchase:

Free shipping within Poland, and

1-2 packaging returned - 5% discount, or

3 or more packaging returned - 10% discount.

After receiving your packaging, we will send a unique code with a discount to use for your next purchase.

In the event that we meet in our shop or at a cosmetic fair, the discount will simply be deducted from your purchase. :) 

Please secure packaging for delivery, e.g. with old newspapers.

Promotions cannot be combined.

Our address:

Jan Barba - Bartosz Puzio

37 Wesola Street, Cybulice Małe,

05-152 Czosnów, Poland.

Please direct all questions to hello@janbarba.com

* for the needs of the zero waste store and our other projects, we also accept other companies’ glass packaging; under the condition that they can be reused - they must be free of labels and prints (!). They should also be cleaned of previous content. For such packaging we offer 5% discount, regardless the number of the returned packaging.

We use the highest quality glass containers, imported from the Netherlands, for our products.

We only use dark purple glass. It is a guarantee that you receive a complete product that is protected at every stage, from bio cultivation, unrefined and cold pressed oils, through the production and proprietary methods of extracting herbal essences, to packaging and finding it on your shelf. We want to be sure that we will not lose any element, nor ingredients, without compromise, without taking shortcuts. That is why we pay such attention to packaging.

We have been looking for suitable packaging for our products for a long time by contacting producers in Poland, Italy and the Netherlands. Looking for minimalism, quality, and common ideas in our and their operation. After months of arduous searching, we came across producers of dark purple glass packaging. The company worked on the colour of the glass for 7 years, in a small workshop in Slovenia, producing each bottle by hand. Finally introducing the finished product in 1991.

Dark violet glass provides unmatched protection for the content. Its secret lies in the length of light that penetrates the glass (720 - 770 Bio herz), permanently activating and energising the molecular structure and health properties of the substance being held.