50 ml

Enzyme Peeling with Moroccan Clay contains pineapple extract with a high content of bromelain - an exfoliating enzyme. It is enriched with cucumber and green tea extracts, which have anti-inflammatory qualities, reducing the secretion of excess sebum through the skin and soothing. Moroccan clay is the only clay that can be used by people with all complexion types because it does not dry the skin.

It has a moist, dense and compact texture that allows it to remain on your face, once placed there, but does not impede spreading; and an earthy smell, common for clays. Because of the need to store it in the fridge, it is always cold when it comes in contact with the skin.



Enzyme peeling, unlike mechanical peelings, does not exfoliate the skin cells by rubbing and thus you can avoid redness and infections caused by abrasion. Peeling can be used even by people with sensitive, prone to irritation, seborrheic, inflammatory and acne prone skin.

With the participation of a plant enzyme, cell renewal, transformation of nutrients into building material, neutralisation of harmful metabolic products, environmental poisons and foreign bodies, repulsion of pathogens and wound healing are possible.



Passive: Apply on your face for 5-8 min, then rinse. Use it 1-2 times a week.

Active: Massage the cosmetic gently into the moist complexion, repeat the massage motion several times, all over the face (avoiding the eyes, of course) - rinse.

Use a clean spoon / spatula, when dosing the peeling.

NOTE: The peeling must be stored in the refrigerator.
The smell and colour of the cosmetic may change slightly over time.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Our cosmetics contain only natural ingredients that can cause allergic reactions to susceptible persons (please read the composition section carefully). If you experience such reaction, please stop using the cosmetic immediately. The reaction may be indicated by redness, burning, dryness, blemishes, unnatural absorption of the cosmetic for a long time.

Our cosmetics are created with a view of giving the skin pleasure, bringing relief and care. Any feeling of discomfort is absolutely not intended and should be immediately alarming. If in doubt, please contact us - hello@janbarba.com.

Even such rich and thoughtful formulas as ours cannot replace conscious care for health, i.e. proper nutrition, exercise and mental health care. All these factors are reflected in the condition of our skin. Our cosmetics complement the conscious lifestyle.


If you have any questions, please contact us - hello@janbarba.com, Jan Barba is our passion and above all, we want for our cosmetics to bring care, and to be used consciously, bringing satisfaction.