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30 ml / 1 ml

The creator of Eau de Cologne (or simply cologne), in 1708, wrote to his brother: "I came across a smell that reminds me of a spring morning in Italy, with mountain narcissus and orange blossom just after the rain, it gives me freshness, and strengthens my senses and imagination. "

The cologne was created at a time when heavy scents reigned, covering sweat and other unpleasant odours. Amber, Musk and Civet ruled independently. At the time, all the great rulers of the world used cologne, including Frederick the Great, Napoleon, Stanisław August Poniatowski or the Emperor Wilhelm I.

The cologne, due to its composition and the use of very delicate, volatile citrus and floral notes, was not a long lasting fragrance. It had to be applied again and again. Also, due to its low concentration, the perfumes were very unstable. It is from this single fragrance that the entire range of low-concentration perfumes has been named, henceforth called cologne.

When we started working on our perfumes, we knew that we had to start with a classic fragrance, but in a new, better version, with a concentration of real perfumes, yet only on the basis of natural raw materials.

Eau de Cologne, as the most popular perfume, which have achieved the greatest commercial success in the history of perfumery, has become the obvious choice for us.

We managed to create a fragrance that not only impresses with its freshness, but also evokes the smell of the beach and sea salt, to finally transform into the sweetness of resin and citrus fruits. It is a fragrance that reminds the freshness of the Italian morning, the smell of summer.


The perfume label was printed on cotton paper, black letterpress printing, where the gold frame indicates hot stamping. Both prints were made on more than a century old printing machines from the turn of the XX century. Our bottles come from the North of France, where the last factories in the world, outside of China, produce perfume bottles, made semi-manually.

The pouch added to the perfume, sewn and printed in Warsaw, 100% cotton, is tied with a cotton string without a nylon centre.

Natural perfumes, unlike synthetic perfumes, not only offer a much richer olfactory experience, but also, due to the content of natural essential oils, it renders aromatherapeutic sensations.

Our ‘parfum concentration’ of the perfumes stay on the skin for about 5 hours. All our perfumes are free of substances that enhance the fragrance, its durability and range. The natural fragrance stays in our personal space and is a discreet highlight of our personality.


They can be applied on both the skin and clothing.

Just like natural cosmetics, also natural perfumes can cause an allergic reaction to susceptible persons, when applied directly to the skin, especially that they are highly concentrated. If so, the solution is to use less or spray from a greater distance.


INCI: alcohol, parfum ***

COMPOSITION: alcohol, fragrance ***

*** only natural ingredients: essential oils, absolutes and tinctures


If you are just starting your adventure with natural perfumes, make sure to check the "Natural Perfumes" tab, because they differ significantly from what drugstores offer.